Tuesday, February 14, 2017


As I write this, the Iowa Republicans are ramming through a new Koch Brothers/ALEC sponsored Collective Begging Bill, stripping 180,000 public sector workers of their accrued rights of the last half century. Koch's shills will do it despite unprecedented opposition from Iowans and nearly ZERO public support.
As Iowans, now is not the time to surrender. Now is the time to organize! I encourage Iowa activists who may be demoralized by the Koch Brothers attack, to JOIN ME at the organizing meeting above. I am not a Teamster member. This is NOT a Teamsters only meeting. It is for ALL Iowa activists desiring to come together and form something new to demand our rights and wrest political power back from ALEC, KOCH, and their bought and paid for shills in the Statehouse. 
This did not happen overnight. The corporate raiders have been working to usurp power from average Iowans for years. But the time has come for all of us to fight back in a more organized way. We can do way better than the lesser of two evils spiral we have been stuck in. 
In the words of John L. Lewis, 
Let the workers organize!
Let the toilers assemble!
Let their crystalized voice
Proclaim their injustices
And demand their privileges,
And let all thoughtful citizens sustain them,
For the future of Labor IS the
future of America!
Community activists, political activists, labor activists, and concerned citizens are all invited to attend and help plan a vision for a future where every Iowan's voice is respected at the statehouse again. 

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