Friday, April 28, 2017

Murder for Hire, American Style

I need not remind anyone reading this of the horrors that forever changed our world on 9/11. We lost 2,977 innocent souls that day, due to the cowardly acts of 19 (mostly Saudi Arabian) hijackers.
That day would be scarred into the nation's collective memory, and it changed the way we live, and travel, and think. We waged wars as a result of it that still rage on, and according to the CBO, we have spent an estimated $2.7 TRILLION in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Remember this gem from the war, when we were sending airplanes filled with cash for contractors, and how we lost billions in cash that has still not been accounted for to this day? But we're not counting money today, we're counting bodies.
Together, in Iraq and Afghanistan, we had direct troop losses of 6,877 American soldiers. In Iraq, it is estimated that fatalities of soldiers and civilians topped 500,000 souls, and over 20,000 in Afghanistan, not to mention the tens of thousands of US soldiers who were injured, and the thousands sent home missing pieces.
Despite 17 of the 19 hijackers coming from Saudi Arabia, and despite initial funding being traced back to the same nation, we never did anything there at all. But never mind that either, right now, because we are talking about over half a million people having lost their lives, and having spent $2.7 trillion because some people killed 2,977 Americans. And NOBODY EVER gets away with killing 2,977 Americans. Not on our Toby Keith loving, flag waving watch... unless you're a capitalist, that is.  
Because remember those corporate raiders with that big table full of Uncle Sam's cash during the war effort? As it turns out, they and their company owning friends back home, managed to kill 4,836 in the workplace in 2015, and 4,821 the year before that, and between 4,551 and 5,840 American workers each and every year for the last decade. Prior to OSHA being passed in 1970, those numbers skyrocket to an estimated 14,000 workers every year.
So, what is the point, you ask? Excellent question. The point is that in a capitalist, corporate dominated America, when someone kills 2,977 Americans, we are more than happy to throw literal mountains of cash at it, and send untold thousands to their deaths as long as we can rake in ever greater profits as a result. But when it comes to the almost 5,000 workers who die needlessly in the workplace each and every year, nobody in corporate America gives a fuck.
Even now, President Chump is looking at every conceivable way he can deregulate, deregulate, deregulate. Maybe now is a good time to tell you that OSHA is one of those pesky regulatory agencies that cost corporations money to comply with, and his hardline, yes man, Acosta, just got appointed as head of the Department of Labor, of which OSHA is a part. Already notoriously underfunded and understaffed, keep a sharp eye out for how they gut this regulatory agency of manpower, funding, and what precious little teeth it still has to punish employers.  
Remember all of the resources we threw at those 9/11 deaths? To protect American workers, we issue fines of about $2,500 for "serious" penalties under OSHA, and have about 1 inspector for every 60,000 workers. And in Donald Trump and Toby Keith's America, that is 1 too many inspectors, and that's $2,500 that employer could have used to buy a weekend getaway package at one of Trump's luxurious golf resorts, so fuck the workers they kill.
Not to worry though, because those 13 American workers who die every day and are tossed out like yesterday's garbage by capitalists are not alone. Because remember those wars we fought to avenge our 2,977 Americans? Our young WORKING CLASS men and women who fought those wars, and who didn't get their share of those huge piles of money, have spent the last decade committing suicide at a rate of 22 per day.
You can almost set your watch by it. With over 7,000 US Veterans killing themselves each and every year, you can anticipate that another one just gave in to the effects of war almost every time your clock ticks off one hour. The suicide rate is cut in half when veterans receive their care at VA facilities, instead of the private sector, but that doesn't stop the capitalists, whose aim is to continue to underfund and starve the VA system into submission, all with the intent to privatize healthcare and pass off billions to the corporations who will be happily killing them because they lack the expertise to treat them all.
And why? Because those same greedy fucks who were figuring out how to load stacks of hundred dollar bills into their private jets in Iraq, are now looking at our working class veterans, and trying to figure out how they can profit off of them again before they die off, without actually stopping them from dying off, because just think of how much money we save when they continue to do so.  
While we always have trillions of extra dollars lying around gathering up dust when it comes to wars, we never quite seem to have enough to pay the people who fight them for us. And while we can always afford another tax break for corporations, we can never seem to find the cash to fully fund things like OSHA, or, well, anything that might accidentally benefit the masses. 
Do not be fooled by the false prophets of flag waving patriotism, brothers and sisters. And do not be fooled by every time you hear them say things like, "we should take care of our veterans before we take care of... __________." Because, neither the capitalists, nor congress, nor Chump, nor his flag waving, Toby Keith loving, all American followers, are doing a fucking thing to prioritize the welfare of the working class, or to avenge OUR deaths in combat or in labor. That is up to us.
Another war looms large on the horizon with North Korea, and elsewhere. DO NOT be distracted. The real war is being waged right here on our own soil every day. It is a war between the classes, and only one side is fighting it, and ALL of the casualties are ours.  

Make no mistake, when the next big, money laundering war does come, NONE of these people will be fighting it. It will be, same as it always is, our sons and daughters who pay the price. The top of another hour draws near. What have you done to stop it?

Some Christmas time working class fatalities:

12/19/16 Peter Kubek drowned when his front end loader toppled over into a canal. Killed by RKC Land Development of Loxahatchee, FL

12/19/16 Gilbert Villanueva died in a fall from scaffolding. Killed by DD&B Construction of San Antonio, TX

12/20/16 David Ambrose was crushed between a transfer cart and a doorway. Killed by Graham Packaging Company of Cartersville, GA.

12/20/16 Curtis Popkey was struck and crushed by a piece of equipment during loading. Killed by Central Florida Underground of Altamonte Springs, FL

12/21/16 Mario Morales was struck and killed by a pipe. Killed by Womble Co., Inc. of Houston, TX

12/21/16 James Loran was struck and killed by a tractor. Killed by Quality Implement Company or Newcastle, TX

12/21/16 Bobby Sellars was crushed between two port cars. Killed by Nucor-Yamato Steel, Inc. of Blytheville, AR

12/21/16 Jose Hernandez was killed in a fall from a roof. Killed by Jorge Perez Construction of Galveston, TX

12/21/16 Mike Kane was struck and killed by a crane basket. Killed by Jamison Construction, LLC of McEwen, TN

12/21/16 John Brooks was fatally crushed by pipes. Killed by Diamond Plastics Corporation of Macon, GA

12/22/16 Randy Skaluba was struck and killed by a train. Killed by Elite Express of Selah, WA

12/23/16 Angel Tubens was struck and killed by a box truck. Killed by Superior Vending, LLC of Brooklyn, NY

12/23/16 Delbert Lisk was killed in a fall from a roof. Killed by Roof-Over America, LLC of Sanford, FL

12/23/16 Mahamoudon Marega was killed in a fall from height while he was pouring a concrete floor. Killed by Highbury Concrete, Inc. of New York, NY

12/24/16 James Rogers was directing traffic when he was struck and killed by a vehicle. Killed by TDOT of Nashville, TN

12/24/16 Shannon Guinn was killed in a fall through a skylight. Killed by Barnard Roofing Company, Inc. of Johnson City, TN

No one bothers to try and list all of the names of the fallen veterans who succumb to the war through suicide. It is up to us to remember them.

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